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Bike lifestyle

For several years, city cycling has experienced a great period of excitement. Some countries are a step ahead, the two-wheeler being anchored in their culture, but this culture is spreading, and there are great efforts on the part of many municipalities to rethink urban planning in favour of cyclists. Without going so far as to speak of a conquest, it is clear that bikes are gaining an increasing place in the City. Thus, this ecological trend becomes a real art of living, and pedaling becomes as natural as walking.

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As for the bicycle as an object, it has naturally turned into a fashion accessory. Retro looks are coming up to date, recycling old bikes is booming, innovative concepts are emerging… and in this favorable climate, Soolbike is born.

Lifestyle, fashion accessory

How to better meet the desires of cyclists than by combining elegance, reliability and functionality? Soolbike bikes stand out with their frames and handlebars made from wood, a light and solid noble material, giving them an incomparable modern and chic design. Designed by hand, each piece is unique.

SoolBike, fashion accessory

With SoolBike we want to make our contribution to the evolution of cycles by manufacturing quality and sustainable products, while having the least possible impact on the environment.

For everyday trips as well as for Sunday outings, the Soolbike range is adapted to everyone’s expectations. Agile bikes with a natural feel, suitable for men and women, that will literally turn heads!

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SoolBike into the wild

With its style inspired by the gravel bike, the fluid lines of its wooden frame, its solid carbon fork, it will bring you as much pleasure on the road as on the path during a hike and the practice of sports cycling.

Indeed, SoolBike was designed as a gravel, versatile and dynamic:
– its geometrical approach, with a stack suitable for straighter driving, a short wheelbase for its maneuverability and a pedal set slightly lower,
– the possibility of adapting wheels up to 50mm wide for wide tires,
– disc brakes which provide safety and precision,
– a light total weight with its 11kg.