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This bike is the result of careful carpentry work to obtain its curves and this unique design.

Its ergonomic design makes it comfortable and handy.
Two-wheeler enthusiasts will be seduced by its classy and sporty look.

Sensation, flexibility, resistance and comfort are the ideal characteristics to get started on the handlebars of this cycle.
Its elegant look will not fail to seduce you.


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It was in 2018 that two friends came up with the idea of ​​designing a bicycle with a wooden frame.
With their experience in the field of restoration and shipbuilding, they chose to use these same methods for the manufacturing of this cycle. The choice will be based on a glued laminated assembly in mahogany and ash. Indeed, the two wood varieties have particularities and properties that make them a first-rate choice.
After a year of geometric design and several resistance tests, the first SoolBike bike was born. The design recalls the aesthetic forms of nature, both elegant and harmonious forms.

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How are our wooden bikes made ?

All the frames of our bikes are made by hand in different meticulous manufacturing stages, to be then assembled according to a process that has already proven itself.
To do this, the method used is an assembly of glued laminate, obtained by the succession of different veneers, superimposed and glued together.
The qualities of the glued laminate thus obtained makes it a more solid and stable material than solid raw wood alone.
Its benefits are manifold. It offers both mechanical resistance, such as bending, twisting or traction, as well as protection against fire and heat and many aggressive chemicals.

We use two types of wood, mahogany and ash, each of which brings its own properties and qualities.

For maximum absorption of vibrations and shocks, SoolBike require 8 plies of wooden veneer like a skateboard which generally has 7 or 9 for a longboard.

Bonding is carried out using a two-component epoxy adhesive, used mainly in the naval field and recognized for its stability and durability.

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To obtain the complex shapes of the frame, the wood is bent with steam in order to achieve the desired forms.
All finishes are done by hand, sanding and refining every detail until the final result.
Finally, we apply a two-component polyurethane varnish which creates a protective layer against external weather conditions such as rain, cold or Uv radiation. SoolBike easily resists extreme weather conditions.


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A – Wheelbase

B – Crankset Height

C – Seat Tube Angle

D – Head Tube Angle

E – Top Tube Length

F – Top Tube Height

G – Stack

1020 mm

285 mm



560 mm

875 mm

590 mm




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We start manufacturing and assembling your bike.

We require a 50% deposit for its realization.

It takes about a month to complete.




Upon receipt of the final payment, we can deliver your SoolBike bike to you.

This will be packaged and shipped with our utmost care.

We offer delivery almost anywhere in the world.