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General Information
Company name and legal form: SoolBike
Postal address of the head office: SoolBike boulevard du 21è régiment d’aviation 54000 NANCY
Email address: soolbike@gmail.com
Phone number: +336 89 72 96 92
Management: DINOT Alexandre
Publication director: DERDNAXELA Toni

A.- Conditions of access and use of the site

The User agrees to use the site and the services of said site in accordance with the law, these legal notices, as well as morals, generally accepted good habits and public order. This website is made available to you provided that you fully accept the terms, conditions and information contained in these legal notices. The use of this website implies de facto acceptance of its legal notice. This website is intended exclusively for the personal use of the User. You may not modify, copy, distribute, transmit, disclose, use, reproduce, publish, license, assign, sell or create derivative works of the content and information, products or services that you might get from this website.

B.- Links to third party sites

This site provides the User with links that allow him to access websites that belong to and / or are managed by third parties. The sole purpose of providing said links is to guarantee the User’s access to information, content and services available on the Internet. SoolBike cannot be held responsible for the information contained in third-party web pages accessible through links or search engines available on its own web pages. However, SoolBike undertakes to remove any link the content of which is illegal or does not respect the rights of third parties. The User, if he comes to discover them, can report to SoolBike the existence of said content.

C.- Contents

The information, software and / or products or services contained on this website may include typographical errors, imprecisions and inaccuracies, for which SoolBike accepts responsibility, in the event that said typographical errors, imprecisions and inaccuracies do not come from third-party pages to which the User can access through the links available on their website. SoolBike can also not be held responsible for the errors mentioned above in the event of a computer error.

D.- Illegal or prohibited use

The use of this website for illegal or unauthorized purposes by these legal notices, conditions of use and / or information is completely prohibited.

E.- Modification of these legal notices and conditions of use 

SoolBike reserves the right to modify the legal notices, conditions of use and information on the basis of which this website is made available.

F.- Intellectual property rights          

The User acknowledges and accepts that all rights to the content of this website belong to SoolBike and that, therefore, any modification, adaptation, public communication, reproduction, distribution, sale, rental or any other intellectual property right exercised by the User without SoolBike’s consent is completely prohibited. SoolBike is also the holder of the industrial property rights relating to the elements included on its website or, in any event, has the authorizations corresponding to their use. These conditions of use are also applicable for any element of the website belonging to collaborating companies or entities, except with the consent of said companies or entities. SoolBike can in no way be held responsible for possible infringements in the matter which any User of the website may commit.

G.- Applicable legislation and jurisdiction

As a general rule, relations with users originating from the provision of the services mentioned on this site are subject to law and jurisdiction. In order to resolve any problems or questions relating to this website, please contact SoolBike by sending an email to our address soolbike@gmail.com